Frequently Asked Questions

How can I follow live streaming transmissions?

The live transmissions of Streamovations Video Streaming, as well as the recorded videos, are made available via a unique and direct access link. This link can be freely distributed by the organizer of the event or placed on a dedicated website. In addition to that, public streamings can be found on Streamovation's portal

Who can watch the streaming?

The streaming can be watched by any person with internet access and using one of the supported Operating Systems / Browsers.

Which browsers are supported?

The following browsers / versions are fully supported for access from a desktop computer / laptop:
- Internet Explorer: version 9 and up
- Firefox: version 24 and up
- Chrome: version 32 and up
- Opera: version 10 and up
- Safari: version 5 and up

Is the streaming system compatible with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets...)?

On desktop computers / laptops, the streaming system requires a flash player, so as long as the flash player is installed the streaming would be visible. For mobile devices, the streaming transmissions are accessible via platforms using iOS and Android operating systems.

Is it possible to listen to the interpretations?

If the video is interpreted it is possible to listen to the interpretations by selecting the desired language via the drop-down menu present right underneath the video window.

Is it possible to receive/download the video recordings file?

In order to receive a video file you need an approval. Please contact the organizer of the event in order to get the necessary approval.

Is it possible to download the power point presentation?

No, it is not possible.

In case of any question, who should I contact?

Please refer to the Streamovations helpdesk: